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Miller is a dynamic law firm focused on regulation, compliance and international contracts.

We believe that advising on compliance and regulatory matters is a unique
specialization, and as such requires expertise and attention to detail
In every stage of handling. We put our knowledge and expertise to work for you, and provide you with the best solutions available in this delicate field.
Our solutions are designed to become a link within the business strategy,
forming an integral part of business life while letting you advance.

Advocate Asher Miller - Founder

Asher Miller is a leading expert in compliance – prevention of bribery, corruption and economic crime, regulatory advice and projects, as well as in government contracting and international tenders.
Miller’s experience as legal advisor and compliance consultant to major corporations extends over 25 years in which he served at in-house counseling positions as well as in top law firms and he has vast practical experience in the complex worlds of compliance and international business, and crossings between the two.

Together with a solid team of subject matter experts in fields like banking finance, business intelligence and IT tools, he provides top quality services to the firm’s clients, in an efficient and practical manner aimed to solve problems before they arise.

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Israel arms exports will require KYC and sanctions checks

The agency in charge of granting licenses to defense exporters will start to require KYC, blacklist, and sanctions searches to applications for marketing and export licenses.


Israeli Firms Are Clamping Down on Bribery Abroad to Comply With OECD Rules

Attorney Asher Miller, of Cycurity Vision, says that the West is trying to expand norms of proper business behavior, which are finally reaching Israel’s shores.


Israel imposes strict compliance regs on pharmas, medical device makers

Any company marketing medicine or equipment to the Israeli healthcare system (hospitals and health patient funds) needs to meet new compliance-related regulations...

Managzine 140:
Article by Asher Miller.

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Managzine 141:
Article by Asher Miller.

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Five takeaways for compliance officers everywhere

With Goldman Sachs’ $3.3 billion settlement, we see the failure of a sophisticated and influential financial institution to maintain strong internal controls. How did it happen? Here are the five biggest takeaways every company in any industry can benefit from.

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